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Natural stone from STC Flooring


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Granite Collection Galaxy Black 12 X 12 Polished G772

Marble And Onyx Collection Botticcino Semi Classico M703

Natural Stone Slab - Granite Absolute Black

Alstromeria Series White Carrara Bardiglio Nuvelato And White Thassos

Anakie Marble  Metal Emperador 1X1

Ascend Candid Heather Honed And Polished M109

Bennelong Point Opera Line Cube Opal

Bodiam Series Bardiglio And Black Jade

Bologna Mosaics Bianco Carrara

Botany Bay Pebbles Opus Onyx - Green Tumbled

Botany Bay Pebbles - Coin Botany Bay Blend

Botany Bay Pebbles - Natural Black

Botany Bay Pebbles - Opus Tumbled Beige Onyx

Botany Bay Pebbles - Sliced Botany Bay Blend

Botany Bay Pebbles - Sliced Borders Black

Botany Bay Pebbles - Stacked Black

Cass Ole Hexagon Hexagon

Center City Arch Grey 12X24 Honed M323

Chateau Black Jade  White Thassos Line

Daintree Exotic Mosaics - Basketweave Bianco Carrara With Nero Dot

Daintree Exotic Mosaics - Interlock Bianco Carrara /Graystone / Dark Graystone

Daintree Exotic Mosaics - Octagon Bianco Carrara With Nero Dot

Daintree Exotic Mosaics - Stone Dots Clay Blend Polished

Daintree Exotic Mosaics - Waterfall Bianco Carrara

Dramatic Marble Bardiglio Nuvolat - 12X24 Honed

Dramatic Marble  Limestone Calacata - Michigan

Ethereal Nero Marquina And Calacatta

Gosford Glass And Stone Avoca Blend

Granite Absolute Black - 12X12 Flamed

Inlay Nero Marquina And Stainless Steel

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