Can flooring be customized?

Can flooring be customized?

If you'd like your new floors to be customized, you'll find plenty of options that allow it. Creating floors that cater to your specific needs is easier than you think.

When you're ready to customize your surfaces, browse all the options that could serve you best. Here are some facts that will help you shop for the best flooring.

Tile flooring is perfect for customization

There is no end to the great looks you can get with tile flooring products. When you want one-of-a-kind flooring, consider customizing new floors with:

  • shape 
  • size
  • format
  • color
  • design
  • style
  • grout or no grout
  • textures
  • and so much more!

Luxury vinyl customizations are perfect

You might prefer customized luxury vinyl, which can mimic natural materials. Instead, choose wood, stone, or porcelain tile-looks in various formats.

You can use grout for authentic tile looks and herringbone layouts for the wood look. Be sure to ask about how you can cater to your custom needs.

Laminate flooring offer wood and stone looks

Many of the same customizations in luxury vinyl are available in laminate at our flooring company. In addition, unique layouts help give these floors a more authentic look.

Consider texture options as well, which add another layer of customization. They can even help protect against light wear.

Visit our showroom today for excellent customizations

We offer a wide selection of materials you can customize at STC Flooring to your specific needs. Our associates are here to ensure your most successful results.

Share your preferences and requirements, and we'll ensure they're met. We look forward to providing a great remodeling experience.

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