Flooring underlayment facts

Flooring underlayment facts

Underlayment works with the floor covering to comfort underfoot, offering many other benefits. You'll be happiest with your new flooring if you invest in top-quality underlayment designed for the type of floor you choose.

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Underlayment hides minor subfloor imperfections and, thus, creates a smooth and flat surface for the flooring. It also stops drafts, provides thermal insulation, dampens noise, reduces wear, and keeps moisture away from the floor if it includes a moisture barrier.

Underlayment is about 1/4- or 1/2-inch thick and can be separated from or pre-attached to the flooring.


You want to make sure you choose underlayment for carpet new floors since it determines, in large part, the lifespan of the flooring. Without it, the rug rubs against the subfloor every time you walk on it, so it quickly becomes worn.

Foam and rubber are the most common underlayment materials; high-quality brands usually include a moisture barrier.

Floating floors

Engineered wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl floors, which click and lock together and then float over the subfloor or existing floor, need underlayment beneath them.

That's because it supports when floating floors expand and shift during temperature and humidity changes. However, underlayment is separate from installation when new floors are glued down.

Helpful advice and free estimates

Family-owned STC Flooring installs all types of flooring, and you can depend on us to provide a free estimate and helpful advice about the underlayment that works best with your new floors.

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