Why is waterproof flooring suitable for pet-friendly homes?

Why is waterproof flooring suitable for pet-friendly homes?

When you have pet residents, you’ll need new floors that do it all. They should be durable, easy to care for, and waterproof.

It also needs to be stylish enough for humans! Waterproof flooring may be just the answer you need.

WPC & SPC cores

Cores are crucial because they are the floor itself. When the core gets soaked, the entire floor peels, ripples, and most likely needs to be replaced.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) and stone plastic composite (SPC) cores are technologically advanced and won't peel or ripple. So it doesn't matter how much water or long it remains. Learn more at our flooring store.

This is a great benefit not only for accidents but also if you have a pet who loves to play with water. For example, we know a cairn terrier who loved to turn his water dish over. Just because!

Durability to the max

The cores are so durable they're even graded for commercial use. In addition, the wear layer guards the floor against scratches, scuffs, and dents. So worries about dogs digging and cats scratching are eliminated!

Humans love the style

These floors are a newer, engineered version of luxury vinyl (LVF). At our flooring company, you'll see gorgeous designs from brands like COREtec, Armstrong, Congoleum, Earthwerks, and more.

They have all the same style, including vibrant and realistic images of wood, stone, and tile. Like LVF, the material is cut into planks or tile-sized squares.

No scrubbing is needed!

All it takes is a regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner and avoid waxy, shine-promoting substances.

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